Free Wi-Fi that allows you to communicate

Lots of companies offer Wi-Fi these days, but we are one of the few to include the ability to communicate directly with your guests.

Since the new law came into force in March 2009, there is now a legal obligation on people who offer Internet access to the public to keep a record. Our system does that for you. (2006/24/EG)

Customers connecting to our Wi-Fi system are automatically re-directed to our ‘Terms of Service’ page. One they have accepted these they are then re-directed to a page of your choosing - what we call the ‘Welcome Page’.

This page could consist of special offers that you wish to make your guests aware of, facilities that you wish to promote, a customer satisfaction survey or anything else you think of. Maybe an online food ordering service - the possibilities are endless and we can help you choose.

After the Welcome Page appears, the guest can use the Internet for as long as they like or you want to allow them.