Our Portal

Lets you log into your account from wherever you have an Internet connection.

Here you can update your information, control when the Wi-Fi service is available. When the service is unavailable, guests get a message telling them when the service will become available.

You have the facility to adjust the session time if you so wish. Once the time is up, the user gets re-directed to your welcome page, giving you another communication opportunity.

You can view statistics on usage, see how many users are currently connected. You also have the ability to block specified users, or give privileges -e.g. unlimited session time. You can also limit the volume of internet traffic a user is allowed to use within a well defined time span.

Because our secure system does not require passwords or registration, guests can see the network and connect with ease. Also the name of the Wi-Fi network can be whatever you wish it to be -”Guest Wi-Fi’, Hotel Luxor Wi-Fi etc..